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There is always a need for significant investments and resource-intensive work when producing new products and techniques, brand names, content, etc. As a result, it is expected that the people or entities who produce them would have exclusive rights to their production. Laws and procedures governing intellectual property provide this distinctiveness.

Some types of intellectual property, such as trademarks, give rise to the right to control the work the moment it is created and registered. Even though registration is not required, it offers a number of benefits and advantages, including prima facie evidence of the owners, which makes it easier to enforce IP rights in court. If not, the registered owner will have to go through a lengthy process to demonstrate that the IP belongs to them fairly.

By prohibiting unauthorised use of the creation, a trademark registration enables its registered owners to profit from their investments. The owner’s rights and registrations make it impossible for third parties to use the idea in an improper or deceptive way and provide the original inventor complete control over his creation. It offers a motivation to make money off of them.

Trademark opposition occurs when a trademark application is published in the trademark journal for third-party objection after being accepted by the registrar based on the uniqueness factor. The public has four months to voice their opposition.

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