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The registered office address is permitted to be changed within the same city, another location in the state, and a different state altogether by filing the correct forms and documentation as prescribed by the Act. Employ the help of our team to give you legal advice and file the documentation pertaining to changes in the Registered Office of your LLP; contact us today!

Prerequisites for change in the address of an LLP’s Registered Office

01. Within the same state in another location or city
This amounts to an alteration in the LLP agreement and can be carried out simply by filing the amended copy with the ROC with the proper address proof.
02. Outside of the State
For a change in the Registered Office from one state to another, the consent of creditors and a published advertisement regarding the same needs to be furnished along with the amendment in the LLP agreement.
Conduct a Partners Meeting to pass a resolution or procure written consent.
File the altered agreement and necessary documents with the ROC.