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One of the simplest business structures is a partnership. To reach an agreement, just two or more parties must share the same understanding. In comparison to other company models, it has very few rules and little compliance requirements. As previously stated, this type of company is created when two or more people enter into a business agreement known as a Partnership Deed. This Deed regulates the work, terms, rules, bylaws, etc. relating to the organisation in a manner comparable to that of a company’s articles of incorporation. Businesses operate in dynamic contexts, so there may occasionally be a need to modify such a deed.



It is necessary to update the partnership agreement, and this requires the agreement of all partners. This is significant since a partnership deed effectively functions as a contract, making it necessary that all parties who sign it are in agreement.


A supplementary partnership deed is created after the partners have mutually approved the addition to the partnership deed. A supplementary deed is just an updated, modified version of the original deed that calls for the signatures of all partners.


The Registrar of Firms is notified of the changes at the conclusion of the aforementioned procedure. Only if the partnership firm is registered is this necessary. Such a notification may only be given in accordance with the Partnership Act of 1932's rules and on the particular forms it specifies.

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