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A company or LLP can change its name at any time upon its incorporation. Also, in case it is discovered that the name was applied by providing wrong or incorrect details, then the name of the company needs to be changed. When any change in the name of the company is made, then the ROC shall enter the new name in the register of companies in place of the old name and issue a fresh Certificate of Incorporation with the new name.

Changing the name of a company which has defaulted in filling its annual returns or financial statements or any other document due for filing with the ROC is not allowed. Companies that have defaulted in repaying matured deposits, debentures or interest on deposits and debentures are also not allowed to change their name. This shall be allowed only once the aforementioned discrepancies have been resolved. To change the name of your organization, use the help of our online services for quick verification and easy application without any discrepancies.

Effect of change in the Company name

It does not affect any rights or obligations of the company

It does not render any legal proceedings held by or filed against the company void


It does not affect any legal proceedings continued on behalf of or against the company in its old name and they may transfer to the new name


The effect on the issue of a fresh certificate of incorporation after the name change does not reform or re-incorporate the company as a new legal entity


It does not affect the responsibility of the company to pay income tax

The company with the changed name is required to ask other companies in which it holds shares to change the old certificate to new ones



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