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Through the Patent Act, the government grants a person with a patent, whether they are natural or artificial, and bans others from using, selling, or importing the patented object or process without the inventor’s consent.

An inventor can prevent their inventions and ideas from being misrepresented by others by filing for a patent as the first step in patent protection. In accordance with the Patent Act of 1970, a patent application may be filed either with a complete specification or a provisional specification. after the permanent standard description.

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Advantages of Provisional Patent

Provides exclusive right even at early filing

As soon as the inventor files an application, such as a provisional patent application, which guarantees that no other person will have the exclusive right to assert the same invention within a 12-month period.

Therefore, if someone else submits a comparable application, it will be rejected for the filing period and would not be admissible.

Authorizes complete freedom of reforms

The patent granted to the inventor offers the complete freedom to use their own ideas for the valid duration for 20 years in India. During the said no other person can use/ sell/ modify the invention without owner's permission and also the inventor has a right to file case against the unauthorized user for using their ideas leading to infringement.

Generating ROI (Return on Investment)

The Patent may also be delegated. The proprietor of the innovation has the option to give it to any successful or deserving individual if he considers that it is not producing the desired effects. The invention can be commercialised thanks to the patent rights, which increases return on investment.

Giving a good market status

By making the innovation available to the public, the patent act enables the creator to gain notoriety and strengthen his or her resume. Additionally, it contributes to the development of a positive customer relationship and a strong reputation in the market, both of which are essential for making a profit.

Allows public disclosure

Sharing the information publically not only builds up the inventors portfolio but also increases the company’s funds, business partners, and market value and making the invention available in public will demonstrate the good command over the invention and specialization in the technical subject-matter. It will also benefit the inventor thereby attracting leading investors, business partners and customers.



Documents Required For Provisional Patent

the invention’s name;

technical elements of the invention and copies of the drawings, should a tentative specification be submitted;