Close a Private Limited Company

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The process of winding up involves gathering and selling the company’s assets in order to pay off any outstanding obligations. Debts, expenses, and charges are initially paid off and divided among the shareholders when a corporation is wound up.

After being liquidated, the Company is formally dissolved and no longer exists.

The legal process of winding up allows a corporation to close its doors and stop all ongoing operations. After the Company winds up, its existence ends, and the assets are watched over to ensure that the interests of the stakeholders are not compromised.

Due to the fact that a Private Limited Company is an artificial legal entity, it must comply with a number of requirements.

A private limited company's dissolution

Quick Closure

By submitting an application with the MCA in around three to six months, a corporation may also be closed. There is a quick exit procedure. The whole procedure can be finished online. You can easily and quickly close a firm thanks to it.


It is best to dissolve a dormant or inactive firm rather than complying with different regulations like filing, auditing, and filing returns. A business that is not active every year can reduce its compliance expenditures by doing this.

Reduce Penalties

When a business doesn't submit its compliance on time, it faces fines and penalties, including the directors being barred from founding new businesses. Therefore, it is wise to formally dissolve a defunct corporation to prevent further fines.

Documents Checklist

Documents needed for Company Strike Off