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Adopting the e-Way bill system will simplify interstate and intrastate transportation.

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The abbreviation for Electronic Way Bill, or E-Way Bill, is the countrywide implementation of the GST regime beginning on April 1, 2018. For the specific consignment or movement of goods from one location to another, whether interstate or intrastate, with a value of more than INR 50,000, it is a special document or bill that is electronically prepared. The actual paper copy of the e-way bill must be shipped with the products.

A document called a GST eWay Bill is created online to trace the movement of goods. This was done to consolidate the system and to ensure accurate tracking of the products during shipment.

Documents Checklist

Documents Required For Generation Of E-Way Bill

  • Bill of Lading, Supply Bill, and Delivery Supplier’s Challan
  • Transporter ID
  • Vehicle number


  • Transporter ID
  • Transport document number


1. Complete the Application Form

You are asked to complete out the short questionnaire provided by our knowledgeable team so that we can learn more about your eWay Bill.

2. Document Processing

You will be required to provide the documents at the second step in accordance with the questionnaire you filled out based on the case being handled so that we can arrange them as needed and for further processing.

3. Preparation of form filing

After gathering the necessary paperwork, we will start creating the Eway Bill via the GST Portal.

4. Submission of the form

The expert will discuss the matter with the clients after verifying all the information given, and upon their acceptance, will prepare the eWay Bill.

5. Information to Client

The GST eWay Bill will be sent to the client via mail following the submission of all the required paperwork.