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The conversion of a Private Ltd. Company into a Public Company brings in a new wave opportunities. A Private company may want to convert itself into a Public Company when it is ready to accept investments from the public, increase its share capital and expand the number of members. The Private Company once converted into a Public Company will be able to raise funds through Public Issue and accept deposits as well.
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Conduct board meeting for discussing the agenda items:
  • To approve the transfer of the company into a public company upon the approval of shareholders.
  • To adopt a new Memorandum of association (MOA) upon the approval of shareholders.
  • To adopt new Articles of association (AOA) upon the approval of shareholders.

Fix the date, time and place of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).


Issue a notice of the said meeting at least 21 days days prior to the meeting to all members.


Conduct the EGM to pass a special resolution, new MOA & AOA


File Form MGT 14 within 30 days of passing the special resolution

File Form INC 27 within 15 days of passing the special resolution along with:

  • The Minutes of the general meetings, EGM or AGM, of members.
  • Certified copy of the special resolution.
  • Copy of the new MOA and AOA.
  • SRN of Form MGT 14 is required to fill in Form INC 27.
After verification of the documents and e-Forms, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) will issue a fresh Certificate of Incorporation and will strike off the registration of the Private Company.

Documents Checklist

Documentation Required

  • Din And Digital Signatures Of All Directors
  • A Copy Of The Directors’ Pan Card.
  • Passport Sized Photographs Of Directors
  • Copy Of The Directors’ Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, or Voter Id.
  • Company Address Proof: Copy Of The Rental Agreement Of The Property, Electricity Or Water Bill, No Objection
  • Certificate Of Landlord.
  • The Copy Of Property Papers, If It Is Owned.