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An LLP is permitted to make changes in the partnership of the establishment by adding or removing a partner or designated partner. On occasion, a partner or designated partner can also resign or retire. To make this process simple and seamless, our team of professionals provide LLP clients with the right advice and procedure to file the required documents pertaining to changes in the LLP Partners.

Advantages of Provisional Patent

Documents required from the new partner
  • DIN / PAN of Partner
  • Name proof and address proof of the person to be appointed including PAN of the same.
  • Consent to act as a partner (Form-6).
  • Details of other their partnerships or directorship undertaken if any.
File Form 4 within 30 days of such a change with the following:
  • Consent of new partners (Form 6)
  • Copy of Resolution of LLP.
In case a change in the LLP agreement is due to a change in the partners or designated partner,
  • Form 4 is required to be filed along with Form 3 within 30 days of amendment of the LLP Agreement.
Execute the supplementary agreement
  • Prepare the Addendum of the original LLP agreement to give effect to the admission of a new partner.
File form LLP 3 with:
  • The supplementary Agreement

Resignation, Retirement or Removal of a Partner