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The registration of Shops and Establishment has been put into place so as to regulate the working and employment conditions in shops and commercial establishments across the country. This law promotes industrial safety and welfare of the employees that work in such establishments. The Department of Labour of each state administers this law.

A “shop” is defined as any premise where trading or business activities are carried out, or where services are provided to the customers. An “establishment” is defined as a commercial, trading, banking or insurance based establishment where individuals employed are engaged primarily in office work. Subject to a few exceptions, all types of shops and establishments come under the purview of this act.

The Department of Labour Regulates:

  • Working hours including opening and closing timings.
  • Holidays and overtime.
  • Young employees and women while prohibiting the employment of minors.
  • Leaves such as annual leaves, maternity leave, casual leave, medical leave, and more.
  • Rules related to employment and termination
  • Maintaining registers and records, displaying notices.
  • The obligation of employer and employee etc.

Every employer of such shops and establishments shall register under themselves under this act within 30 days from the date of commencement of business. In the instance of closure of business, the same needs to be communicated to the authorities within 15 days from the closure of the establishment.

Documents Pertaining To The GST Registration of A Company

Application in Form A
The employer needs to file their application in the Form specified (FROM A) with the inspector who has jurisdiction of that area with following information:
  • Names of the employer and the manager, if any
  • Address proof of the shop or establishment
  • The name of the shop or establishment
  • The number of employees in the shop or establishment
  • Any other information as may be required
Clarification and Registration
Establishments and shops may submit any clarifications, if necessary with the registration authorities. After the verification of the details and documentation submitted, the Inspector will register the shop or establishment and issue a registration certificate to its employer. This registration certificate is to be prominently displayed at the establishment premises. Every state has a prescribed fee depending on different income thresholds as well as the validity period of such as registration certificate.


Requirements For Shop And Establishments

Application in Form A