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Trademark registration is meant to safeguard your brand and provide you with the necessary tools to avoid or stop another party from using similar signs to take advantage of the recognition of your business. Usually copying trademarks or slightly modifying them is done by businesses who sell similar products and want to gain more sales based on the indifference of the customer to inspect the symbol closely. This may result in them purchasing substandard and fraudulent products or services, which may put your brand name at risk due to the close proximity and matching symbols. A Trademark symbolises a mark in trade and refers to a mark that has the capacity to be represented graphically and can be distinguished from the goods and services provided by one entity from those of the others. A trademark can include the shape of their goods, packaging, or a combination of symbols with colors.

Essentially a trademark can be that identifies a brand name to their customers. A “Mark” consists of a device, brand, label, heading, ticket, signature, name, word, numeral, letter, the shape of products, packaging, or a combination of colors or any combination of the aforementioned. Trademark registration in India is highly advised to protect your brand name as there are several instances of plagiarism and cloning of fraudulent products and services.

Reasons why businesses like yours should avail of our online brand and Trademark registration

To safeguard your brand reputation, products and services. Trademarks give you a unique symbolism to your name and goodwill.
To use trademarks as an effective tool for communication. The symbolism and imagery speak volumes to consumers.


Registering a trademark is like owning a valuable asset that keeps growing over time.
Help your customers find you at a glance. Trademarks set a label name apart from the others in the market.
Utilize the power of the Internet and social media in your best interests.
Trademarks can make hiring an easier experience because of your goodwill.
Trademarks are easy to use and apply as they become a part of your reputation.

Trademark Classes

While Trademark Registration, it is important to be mindful that goods and services are classified into 45 different categories. Identifying the Class of Trademark that applies to you is very essential before filing an application while registering a trademark. Registration of a Trademark under a given class provides the owner protection under only that category.

Separate applications will be required to be filed under each class if the business is involved in more than one such class of business in order to be protected under all such categories of goods and services.

To register your Trademark in one or more classes of goods and services, contact our team of expert advisors today.