File INC-22A

Mark the status of your business as “ACTIVE” by submitting form INC- 22A to MCA.

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has released a new ROC e-form called Form INC-22A (ACTIVE) that verifies the physical presence and appearance of the company’s registered office. This form will also confirm that the business has a sign outside its registered office.


Company Details

You must include precise information about the firm name's registered office address, including its latitude and longitude.

Company's Mail-id

You only need to provide the company's email address, such as,, or

Directors’ details

Along with his DIN, this will also provide Directors' email address. OTP will be used to verify the directors' email address.

Statutory & Cost Auditor Details

If you have appointed statutory auditors and cost auditors, you must include their full contact information.

SRN of RoC returns

The exporter's shipping invoice is by itself a claim for reimbursement. The exporter adds IGST at the appropriate rate to the invoice for export (rates specified for different goods and services). You can request a refund for the following two items after paying the IGST:

IGST paid on goods or services exported; input tax credits for goods and services not utilised.

KMP Details

You must include comprehensive information about the Key Managerial Persons (KMP) of the directors in Form ACTIVE.

Documents Checklist

Documents Required For Form INC-22A