Close a Limited Liability Partnership

Winding Up. Processed Legally.

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If the purpose of the business conducted by an LLP is over, not profitable, is not operational or has a dispute among partners where closure is required, they can file for the same with the ROC using the right Form and documentation. Our team of expert advisors and accountants will help your LLC wind up effectively, saving you the hard work while we do all that is required on your behalf.


Reasons to close an LLP
  • The LLP has not started its business operations after incorporation; OR
  • The LLP is not conducting business for the past year; AND
  • The LLP has nil assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of the Eligibility of such an LLP for Closure
  • Prepare Application and Documents to be filed with ROC
  • File Application to ROC in LLP Form 24
  • Process for Closure of Defunct LLP
  1. The LLP should shut all of its business operations
  2. The LLP is required to close its Bank Accounts
  3. The LLP needs to prepare its Closing Statement of Accounts where the assets and liabilities show as Nil
  4. Create a Statement of Accounts of LLP at the date of such application
  5. Send the application of the closure to the ROC through Form 24
  6. Partners of LLP are required to file for closure with an indemnity affidavit
  7. After the verification of the documents, the ROC will strike the name off the register and declare the LLP closed