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Once your trademark application is filed, the Trade Marks Registrar has to process your application to release an Examination Report for Trademark. This examination report could be for the purpose of advertising your trademark prior to its registration, or he could express an objection over the registration of your trademark. There are no certain reasons why your Trademark Application could be objected to.

The Trade Marks Office can express its objections over your trademark application for various reasons. It could be if the title or logo is too close or uncannily resembles an existing trademark or other reasons based on sentiment, appropriateness among a few. The law provides you a chance to respond to the objection professionally to the trademark objection that has been raised. You are required to file your response within a month’s time from the date of the Examination Report that was published online. If you don’t have a rebuttal, the Registrar is likely to abandon your application.

This process can be stressful as you may have to begin from scratch. Avail of our services and let us help you deal with a trademark objection so that it gets accepted immediately.

What is a Trademark Examination Report?

A trademark examination report is based on an exam conducted by the Trademark Office once they examine the validity of your application, that includes factors such as distinctiveness, existing resemblance with previous brand registrations, and filing of the required supporting documents.

A professionally curated reply to their objection written by us on your behalf will make sure that we have placed all valid reasons as to why we believe that your application should get approved. If the Trademark Examiner is satisfied with the reply and considers it sufficient to address all the objections raised by them in the Trademark Examination Report, the application would be approved for publishing in the Trademark Journal prior to its registration. This takes you one step closer to use the ® mark with your brand name.