Closure Of One Person Company

OPC Wind-up. Simplified.

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When a One Person Company has been incorporated, the Registrar of Companies issues it a Certificate of Incorporation that is meant to acknowledge the inception of such a Company. Once the OPC name is entered into the register of Companies, it cannot be struck off until the OPC applies for the closure of the Company or is processed by the consequences of law. Another instance of the OPC name being struck off is when the company does not commence its business on time, or does not submit its yearly returns. The Registrar of Companies can suo motto strike off the name of the OPC in such cases.

One Person Company Closure

The Benefits of Striking off or Closing a One Person Company

01. No penalties
Once the closure is processed, there is no more compliance required. The company can stop worrying about filing returns and having to pay penalties for the ones that are not compliant.
02. Free from any compliances
There is no need to worry about following more compliances since the burden of business is no more.
03. Opportunity to explore another suitable business
Closing a One Person Company not making enough revenue can be beneficial as you can use the capital to start a profitable venture.

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